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NCORE AB Norenberg Business Consulting

Your new Partner and Business Development Consulting Coach in the Nordics
We are laser-focused on building a strong beach-head for your successful entry

With more than  30 years in B2B Sales & Marketing and a broad network in the Nordics, we are well-positioned 

to help your Company make a successful entry in the Swedish market as well as support  local companies win more business.

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Our Customers

We know that a  Good  Business Relation lasts way long after the last invoice is sent. We do business with people we like, trust and respect  - as a solid marketing entry business development project normally takes 12-18 months.

Vital Source / Acrobatiq of  Ingram Content Group Inc.

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Introduction ,  market entry and launch of VitalsSource / Acrobatiq  , the world leading generic singel sign on cloud platform with AI support to access manage and distribute education content, litterture and tools on the Nordic Market

Stockholm University Department of Computer and System Science; 
Food Awareness Initiative

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2018 -

The need for a sustainable and reliable  Food Chain is in urgent and growing demand.  NCore is part of a consortium headed up by SU/DSV  and a range of Government Agencies, Universities and NGO's as well as IBM  with innovation agency Vinnova as a sponsor, to develop a framework structure for a Food Awareness Research Center in a project named Food Awareness initiative

Kommunikointkeskus Kipinä OY (Kipinäkeskus)


2019 -

Market entry in Sweden,  launch and introduction of Logoped and Speech Therapist didactics and speech training tool " Family Kippin" to the Swedish and Norweigan Pre-Schools


Our Partners and Fellow Travelers

The  successful  journey  largely  depends on your choice of  Fellow Traveler Partner


EdTech Ventures Ltd

 Leadership Consulting in Digital Education

 A Networks Consultancy of 20 consultants founded by Peter Hamilton with over 20 years experience from developing  IT in Education at Intel

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Internationalization OY

SMART Internationalization® provides sales internationalization advisory services to start-ups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow their business prospects in international markets.

SMART Internationalization® was established in response to a clear need for specialized sales development advisory services for growth in external markets. We help internationalizing companies build strategic sales and organizational competencies for sustainable business growth and expansion.

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Advania School Team

Nordics leading IT -provider  to the Nordic School and Education market

Advania serves thousands of corporate clients in the public and private sector. The company provides a wide range of IT-services, platforms, cloud solutions and support to multinational enterprises, governments, big, small and medium-sized businesses.


Founder & CEO


Carl-Daniel Norenberg. M.Sc, MBA

Founder and CEO

Carl-Daniel offers over  30 years of B2B Marketing Sales and Business Development from  B2B leading industry companies like DuPont, Bergström, Scala. The last  20 years at IT Intel Corporation, successfully leading the Marketing and Business Development the Nordic Countries.